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IAE Best In Show Rewards

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The Best In Show 2952 winners have been announced. 

Anvil Carrack
Anvil Pisces C8X
Crusader Mercury Star Runner
RSI Scorpius

If you have one of these fine vessels in your web-hangar, you'll receive their respective 2952 Best in Show paint at the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo this year, for free. In addition to the Best in Show Paint, you'll also get an exclusive in-game challenge coin item for each of top four ships that you have in your hangar. 

Plus, to celebrate this year's ultimate champion, all backers will receive TWO in-game ship models of the Anvil Carrack (of two different sizes) to celebrate the ultimate champion of Ship Showdown, along with a fifth Ship-Showdown themed challenge coin. You'll receive the ship models even if you don't have a Carrack.

All of these items will be distributed in waves, starting on Best In Show at IAE 2952, on November 27th. This process can take some time, so don't worry if you don't see these items in your hangar right away. As a reminder, prize eligibility requires that the vehicle be in your web-hangar - having them in your Buyback List will not grant you the Best in Show items.

In case you need to get one of those ships, you can grab them below, with LTI at a discounted price!
Mercury Star Runner - Standalone Ship
$184.99 $260.00
Pisces C8X Expedition - Standalone Ship
Scorpius - Standalone Ship
$184.99 $240.00
Carrack - Standalone Ship
$449.99 $600.00
All coins and the ship model are pictured below