Banu merchantman Quick Ship Introduction - Learn more about the Merchantman Star Citizen Ship in this quick guide/introduction

Banu Merchantman - Quick Ship Introduction

Banu Merchantman - Flying Bazaar

This mighty alien trading vessel is the definition of bang for the buck. It's hull holds tons of features:

  • An internal bazaar/marketplace with configurable shops
  • Hangar for a Defender sized ships
  • Humongous cargo hold that can hold both cargo and vehicles
  • Medbay
  • VIP suite
  • Guest rooms
  • Conference room
  • Sanctuary
  • Cargo control room
  • Engineering section
  • Mess/Habitation
  • Docking Collar
  • Turret Access (the turret is huge)
  • Brig

Banu Merchantman is perfect for those who want to own a flying marketplace with formidable defenses, luxurious interior and alien style. You can get yours for a discounted price and with LTI here

Get your own LTI Merchantman for less

Banu Merchantman concept art - Star Citizen Merchantman redesign

Banu Merchantman interior - Star Citizen Merchantman interior layout for the banu ship

Banu Merchantman Hangar Size with Banu Defender Inside