Star Citizen: The Importance of Lifetime Insurance (LTI)

Star Citizen, the ambitious space simulation project developed by Cloud Imperium Games, has introduced many groundbreaking features, and one that stands out in particular for backers and players is the concept of Lifetime Insurance, or LTI. Here, we will delve into what LTI is, how it works, and its significance in the vast universe of Star Citizen.

What is Lifetime Insurance (LTI)?

In the vast expanses of space within Star Citizen, insurance functions similarly to the real-world concept. If your ship gets destroyed or stolen, insurance will ensure that you receive a replacement. LTI guarantees that your ship hull and its stock equipment will be replaced without any additional cost, indefinitely.

How is LTI Different from Standard Insurance?

  1. Duration: The primary distinction between LTI and regular insurance policies is the duration. LTI is perpetual, lasting for the entirety of the game's lifespan, while standard insurances have limited durations, such as 3 months, 6 months, or a few years, requiring renewal after expiration.

  2. Cost: LTI comes at no additional in-game cost. In contrast, standard insurance policies will necessitate in-game credits for renewals.

  3. Coverage: Both LTI and regular insurance cover the ship's hull and its stock equipment. However, upgrades or cargo might need separate, additional insurance coverage.

Why is LTI Important?

  1. Peace of Mind: With LTI, players can rest easy knowing that no matter what perils they face in the vastness of space—whether it's piracy, ship malfunctions, or space battles—their investment in their ship is safeguarded indefinitely.

  2. Economic Efficiency: Over time, the cumulative costs of renewing standard insurance policies can accumulate. LTI offers long-term players a more cost-effective solution by eliminating the need for recurrent renewals.

  3. Resale Value: While the resale of ships within the community is subject to change based on the game's development, ships with LTI have historically held a higher perceived value within the Star Citizen community due to their lasting insurance.

  4. Special Ship Preservation: For backers who've obtained rare or limited-edition ships, LTI ensures these unique vessels are never truly lost.


Lifetime Insurance in Star Citizen offers backers a level of security and long-term value that standard policies can't match. While it's not an absolute necessity for gameplay, the peace of mind, economic benefits, and the safeguarding of special ships make LTI a coveted feature for many Star Citizen enthusiasts. As with all game features, it's crucial for players to stay updated with official communications from Cloud Imperium Games, as elements of the game are continually being developed and refined.