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Anvil Liberator - Better than you think

2022 Citizencon is approaching really fast and that reminded me about the last year capital Citizencon release - Anvil Liberator. It was one of the most unexpected additions to the Star Citizen universe and when I saw it for the first time it took me some time to realize how extremely useful it can be. CIG loves creating amazing military craft, and the Liberator is definitely one of those hidden gems that should be a part of every larger fleet.

When I first heard about it I expected it to be a competitor to Idris or Kraken. Am I disappointed that it's not? Not at all and here is why.

Size does not matter

Many of you already know that when it comes to spaceships, bigger is not always better. In reality, bigger is usually worse as it makes you an easier target, requires more crew, and means that your ship is harder to handle. But what about carriers? Does that rule apply to them too? Well in the case of Liberator it does due to the way it's made.

Star Citizen Anvil Liberator deploying Nova Tanks


Anvil Liberator official specifications and stats from Star Citizen

A lot of people were comparing the Anvil light carrier to real WWII transportation crafts. At the same time, quite a few people criticized its design and called it ugly. It might not win the beauty awards but the design of Liberator is very practical and it made me get one.

Star Citizen Anvil Liberator flying through Pyro System


Liberator is really not that big compared to some other ships but it can carry an impressive amount of ships and vehicles. You will not only be able to use it for fighter transportation but also move ships like Redeemers, Vanguards, Cutlasses, Prospectors, Terrapins, and more. To put that into perspective - even a huge capital ship like an Idris cannot fit a Cutlass or a Redeemer into its bay, while a much smaller Liberator won't have an issue with transportation of those spaceships.

Anvil Liberator fighting with Pirates - Star Citizen

Your own mobile base

Thanks to the number of ships you can fit onto the Liberator as well as other factors like its range, vast cargo hold, automated defenses, and crew requirement, the Anvil light carrier is a perfect candidate for your personal mobile base.

Anvil Liberator with F7A and Argo Cargo


Let's imagine a situation where you and your friends purchased information about valuable mineral deposits, the only issue is that they are far away, on the hostile territory with no rest stops on the way. You can't get there in your small ships and if you took a refueling craft it would likely take ages to get there. Now someone on your team brings Liberator into the mix and the problem of range and risk is vastly decreased. You pack it with essential equipment, park Prospectors and fighters on the top, add some additional craft or vehicles inside and you are ready to go.

Anvil Liberator Interior from Star Citizen

Liberator can be used this way for many professions as almost every job has a ship that can fit on it. No matter if you have a racing team, a salvage crew, or simply want to bring some extra fighters into combat, Liberator makes it easy and convenient.

Anvil Liberator interior from Star Citizen

Outpost building with Liberator?

It might sound impossible but I think that Liberator might be a very good ship for creating outposts. Some time ago CIG confirmed that base building won't require a dedicated building ship as you will be able to simply buy prefabricated modules that you take down to the surface and place there without the need for expensive construction ships like Pioneer.

Anvil Liberator Cargo Section

This makes Liberator even more exciting as once we are allowed to buy those prefabs, Anvil light carrier will become one of the best ships to transport them around. Thanks to the fact that there is no height limitation and that we can park Argo SRV next to those prefabs to move them around once we are on the planet's surface, the base building will become easier and faster, and much cheaper than before.

Star Citizen planetary outpost building


Liberator might not be the most beautiful or powerful among Anvil ships but it definitely is one of the most useful crafts that were announced in the last few years. Its design and layout are practical and make it a great choice for both military and civilian markets. Considering the fact that it can haul ships, vehicles, cargo, personnel, and even be used in base building, the price of this vessel is reasonable, and almost any fleet will benefit greatly from it.

Anvil Liberator landed Star Citizen


I got one and I'm very excited to test it once it's released. But what about you? Did you get it? Do you plan to buy one? 

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