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Carrack / Merchantman / Prowler / Caterpillar / Mole LTI Account

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Dive into the vast universe of Star Citizen with a premium account, tailored for the intrepid explorer and astute trader. This exclusive package comes loaded with some of the most sought-after ships, all boasting Lifetime Insurance (LTI) ensuring they're always by your side no matter the challenges you face.

Included CCU'ed Ships:

  1. LTI Drake Caterpillar: Known for its modular design, the Drake Caterpillar is the epitome of versatility. Perfect for hauling cargo, running supply chains, or even orchestrating search and rescue missions, this ship can be tailored to suit your in-game needs.

  2. LTI Banu Merchantman: With roots deep in trade and negotiation, the Banu Merchantman is more than just a ship—it’s a travelling bazaar. This vessel offers unique features designed for commerce, including a spacious cargo hold and on-board shops.

  3. LTI Anvil Carrack with Pisces Expedition: Arguably one of the best exploration vessels available. The Carrack comes fully equipped with medical and repair bays, a drone bay, and a mapping room. The included Pisces Expedition scout ship ensures you can delve into places the Carrack can't reach.

  4. LTI Argo Mole: A multi-crew miner that holds its own against larger competitors. The Mole has multiple mining turrets and is designed to chisel out more resources than any prospector can handle.

  5. LTI Prowler: Inspired by the Tevarin, this stealth dropship is ideal for infiltration and exfiltration missions. With a distinct aesthetic, and boasting advanced shield tech and boarding capabilities, the Prowler is perfect for those stealthy operations behind enemy lines.

Please note that this is an account sale, which means that you will receive a Star Citizen account with the items listed above. 

Delivery & Instructions

  • This is an account sale which means that the product you will receive is a separate Star Citizen account that contains the items described in the listing.
  • Once the payment has cleared, within 24 hours, you will receive the login information that will allow you to access and secure the account.
  • Please ensure to change your email, password, and 2-factor authenticator after securing the account



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