Customer Protection Policy

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Purchase protection

By making a purchase on our website, you are guaranteed to receive the correct item as it was advertised. In case we are unable to deliver the item we will offer you a replacement or a full refund. You can always choose if you want a replacement or a full refund. All of the items that we sell come from our own inventory and are fully protected by our after-sale protection. 

After-sale protection

In an extremely rare case of any issues with an item during, or up to 6 months after the delivery has been completed, we will complete an investigation and either replace or refund the goods if it was concluded that we are at fault. In most cases this ends in either a full replacement, a full refund or an upgrade to a better item in case we have no stock for an exact replacement.

Star Citizen in-game changes notice

Please note that  the Star Citizen is in an early-alpha and active development stage, which means that the items within the game will be rebalanced and changed during the course of the development.

We are not responsible for those changes as well as any bugs or in-game issues that might come from the current state of the game. In case you have any issues with an item, like an unusual performance or persistent bug, we kindly ask you to complete a character reset.

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