Galaxy Complete Pack + Protector Paint - Original Concept LTI

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Many vehicles stake a claim to versatility and lots of them can indeed handle multiple roles. But, through the Galaxy, RSI is redefining the depth of ability a multi-role ship is capable of. Your Galaxy can be a long-haul freighter, a mobile hospital, or an all-in-one refinery depending on which pro-spec module you outfit it with.

The Galaxy’s next-generation chassis is built around a configurable midship space that supports interchangeable modules, empowering you and your crew to take on a wide variety of professional roles. With a foredeck command center, an afterdeck that serves as a dedicated hangar or sizable cargo hold, and additional specialized modules in the works, whatever adventure you choose, the Galaxy provides.

Original Concept explanation

Original concept items are versions of ships and vehicles that come from the first sale (concept sale) of that particular item and contain Life Time Insurance (LTI) and if melted, can be bought back in the original form as they are not upgraded in any way or form. Those are usually the rarest and most sought after items. 

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