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Sabre Raven / Reclaimer BIS / Sabre / High Admiral Account

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Embark on an unparalleled journey through the stars with a Star Citizen account that exemplifies prestige and exclusivity, reserved for the High Admiral concierge rank. This account is a treasure trove of rare items, limited edition ships, and unique gear, meticulously curated for enthusiasts who desire rarity and performance in their cosmic adventures.

Key Features:

  1. High Admiral Concierge Rank: This elite status opens the door to a world of privileges. Enjoy priority customer service, invitations to exclusive events, and access to premium content. Your High Admiral badge distinguishes you as a significant patron, with benefits fitting your esteemed position.

  2. Ultra Rare Sabre Raven Package: Harness the power of stealth and technology with the Sabre Raven. Known for its exclusive EMP capabilities and unparalleled agility, the Raven is a prized possession for stealth-oriented engagements, making you a ghostly threat in any combat scenario.

  3. LTI Reclaimer 2949 Best in Show Edition: Behold the Reclaimer, a specialist in salvage operations, equipped for extended missions into hazardous areas. This Best in Show Edition, with its rare BIS paint, celebrates your ship's aesthetic, making a statement while you harvest the invaluable remains of space derelicts.

  4. LTI Sabre: A powerhouse in dogfighting circles, the Sabre combines military-grade weaponry and defenses with a design that emphasizes agility and stealth. Its Lifetime Insurance ensures this reliable combat companion remains a staple in your fleet.

Please note that this is an account sale, which means that you will receive access to a Star Citizen account with the items shown in the pictures. The access is permanent and once handed over to you, you are free to secure it by changing the email and password and setting up 2-factor authentication. 

Delivery & Instructions

  • This is an account sale which means that the product you will receive is a separate Star Citizen account that contains the items described in the listing.
  • Once the payment has cleared, within 24 hours, you will receive the login information that will allow you to access and secure the account.
  • Please ensure to change your email, password, and 2-factor authenticator after securing the account


Authorization to sell ships, packages and items see "Package Re-Sale Policy" of game rules.
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