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Embark on any terrestrial mission with the Rough And Tumbril Pack, the ultimate collection for the ground-force connoisseur who demands robust performance and unyielding style. This pack isn't just about getting from point A to point B; it's about dominating the terrain in every possible scenario. Featuring a fleet of Tumbril's finest land vehicles, each crafted to perfection for their specialized roles, and a trio of rare Renegade Vests, you'll not only rule the land but also do it with a unique flair.

Rough And Tumbril Pack includes:

  • Tumbril Nova Tank: The Nova Tank is a behemoth on any battlefield, offering unmatched firepower and protection. With its sizeable armaments and heavy armor, it's a rolling fortress that can take as much as it dishes out.

  • Tumbril Cyclone: The base model Cyclone offers a balanced blend of speed and agility, perfect for rapid deployment and reconnaissance over a variety of terrains.

  • Tumbril Cyclone-TR: Equipped with a turret, the TR variant provides suppressing fire and offensive might, supporting infantry and holding the front lines with ease.

  • Tumbril Cyclone-RN: This recon variant comes with advanced navigation systems, making it the ideal choice for scouting operations and relaying critical battlefield information.

  • Tumbril Cyclone-RC: Built for speed and agility, the RC is a racing variant that turns any planet's surface into an adrenaline-pumping rally course.

  • Tumbril Cyclone-AA: Air threats don't stand a chance with the AA variant's anti-aircraft missiles, ensuring air superiority and ground troop safety.

  • Tumbril Ranger CV: A compact and efficient bike with cargo capabilities, making it indispensable for supply runs and quick deliveries across hostile zones.

  • Tumbril Ranger RC: The racing counterpart of the Ranger series, this bike combines speed and maneuverability to zip across landscapes and through tight spaces.

  • Tumbril Ranger TR: With light combat capabilities, the Ranger TR offers protection and firepower in a nimble package, ideal for hit-and-run tactics.

  • Rare Renegade Leather Cut Vest: Exuding rugged style, this vest isn't just a statement—it's armor with attitude.

  • Rare Renegade Cargo Vest: Combine utility with an edgy look, perfect for the practical traveler who values both form and function.

  • Rare Renegade Racing Vest: A vest that's as fast on the draw as it is on the track, designed for the speedster who thrives in the racing circuits.

Every vehicle and vest in this pack comes with Lifetime Insurance (LTI), ensuring your gear is protected for the duration of your intergalactic endeavors. With the Rough And Tumbril Pack, you'll have the equipment to tackle any challenge on any world, knowing that your investment is secure for life.

Original Concept explanation

Original concept items are versions of ships and vehicles that come from the first sale (concept sale) of that particular item and contain Life Time Insurance (LTI) and if melted, can be bought back in the original form as they are not upgraded in any way or form. Those are usually the rarest and most sought after items. 

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