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Space Marshal / Polaris / Kraken / Privateer / Origin Complete Pack Account

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Dive into the expansive universe of Star Citizen with a premium account that boasts the Space Marshal concierge rank. This account not only ensures you get unparalleled in-game support and exclusive perks, but it also holds some of the most sought-after ships and packages in the game.

Key Features:

  1. Space Marshal Concierge Rank: As a member of the Space Marshal tier, you will enjoy early access to in-game events, unique hangar decorations, and exclusive deals and offers. The concierge rank is a testament to your elite status in the Star Citizen community.

  2. LTI Polaris: Included in this account is the Polaris, a nimble corvette-class capital ship that can serve as a formidable flagship for any fleet. With Lifetime Insurance (LTI), you never have to worry about losing this prized possession. Please note that this pledge cannot be melted or gifted.

  3. Optional Kraken or Kraken Privateer: Depending on your preference, you can choose to have the Kraken, a massive carrier for players looking to transport a fleet, or the Kraken Privateer, which offers a unique blend of commerce and combat, allowing players to run a floating bazaar.

  4. Origin Complete Pack in Buybacks: This means you have the ability to reclaim the full set of luxury spacecrafts by Origin Jumpworks at any point. Whether you want to cruise in the luxury 300 series, speed through space in the M50, or hold meetings in the 890 Jump, the choice is yours.

Please note that this is an account sale, which means that you will receive a Star Citizen account with the items listed above. 

Delivery & Instructions

  • This is an account sale which means that the product you will receive is a separate Star Citizen account that contains the items described in the listing.
  • Once the payment has cleared, within 24 hours, you will receive the login information that will allow you to access and secure the account.
  • Please ensure to change your email, password, and 2-factor authenticator after securing the account



Authorization to sell ships, packages and items see the "Package Re-Sale Policy" of game rules.
By buying this you acknowledge and accept RSI's End User License Agreement (EULA) for Star Citizen / Squadron 42 game.

You can use objects listed in this sale and get physical items if any, but items remain the property of Cloud Imperium Games.

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