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The Vaporwear Creese is an ocan jacket featuring an old-Earth collar and tags around the shoulders. Armored shoulder accents and ventilated sleeves provide protection without restricting movement, allowing the jacket to be worn casually or piloting an open canopy vehicle. 

The company’s classic pant, the Threshold line features a glossy faux-organic exterior, an attached belt, and reinforced silver knee and shin pads. Additionally, the pants are decorated with non-constructive stitching and include two hip pockets. .

The Vaporwear Good Boot is the result of a design collaboration between seven up-and-coming designers who were each tasked to answer one question: what makes a good boot? The result is a fusion of supreme comfort with supergrip rubber soles, reinforced toe safeguards, and a variety of decorative zippers and buckles around the top quarter.

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