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The Aegis Vanguard series is a collection of heavy fighters designed for long-range engagements and deep space missions. The three main variants in the series are the Vanguard Warden, Harbinger, and Sentinel. Each variant has its specific role and unique attributes, making them suitable for different situations. In this in-depth comparison, we'll analyze their strengths and weaknesses.       Vanguard Warden The Vanguard Warden is the base model of the series, designed as a long-range heavy fighter with a focus on durability and firepower. Pros: Durability: The Vanguard Warden is built to withstand heavy damage with a robust hull...

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2022 Citizencon is approaching really fast and that reminded me about the last year capital Citizencon release - Anvil Liberator. It was one of the most unexpected additions to the Star Citizen universe and when I saw it for the first time it took me some time to realize how extremely useful it can be. CIG loves creating amazing military craft, and the Liberator is definitely one of those hidden gems that should be a part of every larger fleet.

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A wise man once said: "Give a man a box and he will carry the box for a day. Give a man a Mule and he will move six boxes and two crates in a fraction of that time." I can't argue with math or the wise man so I've bought a Drake Mule and tested it extensively against various challenges that the Star Citizen universe threw at me. The Drake Mule proved up to the task and it has earned a place in my fleet. I hope I will be able to convey why in this short review.  We are also giving away...

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