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In the last 9 years we've provided services to thousands of customers and thanks to this experience we've managed to create a secure, affordable and fast Star Citizen store, so that you can upgrade your fleet without any hassle.
Here is how we do it.


The items we sell come from our own stock, therefore we can guarantee that every purchase is fully protected.


Any questions or problems you might have will be answered and solved by our staff members.


We know how exciting new spaceship can be, that is why we do our best to deliver your orders as soon as possible


We do our best to keep the prices low while also ensuring that we have as many items as possible.

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Get the best insurance


On every purchase

Keep it, forever.

By selling only our own stock, we ensure that whatever you buy, stays yours forever.
This way we make purchasing digital items easy and secure.


Come join us and become a part of our community of Star Citizen players. We have tons of helpful and active members.

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We hold various contests and cooperate with many orgs and content creators. We hope that you wil join us soon!


We reward reviews, no matter if they are positive or negative. Your feedback helps us to improve.

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