The Impound
Loyalty Program

For our distinguished VIPs, The Impound offers unparalleled perks and privileges, curating moments that transcend the ordinary.

Exclusive Rewards For Our Most Valued Customers

How to Redeem The Rewards

How to enter? Simply click on the widget in the left bottom corner to open the Loyalty app. In there you can sign up for the program, check, your points, tiers and rewards and also get 5$ off for your next order by referring a friend! 
With each TIER you unlock a coupon for an item. You simply copy and apply the coupon at the checkout to get a free product. To check which items are eligible, please click on the "VIP Status" Section and then click on each tier to check the exact reward.

At the very end there will be a direct link to the product that applies to each tier.
To redeem your rewards you need to copy the code from the activity tab which is a the BOTTOM of the widget.

Make sure to scroll down to see it :)
Coupon codes can be found in the Coupons tab.
Simply copy them and use them at the checkout to make your reward free!

Discover our exlcusive tiers


Bronze Tier


10 000 Points

Red Alert Weapon


Step into the esteemed rank of Lieutenant, the gateway to a loyalty experience like no other. 

As a Lieutenant, you're not just part of our program; you're an embodiment of commitment and passion. And to celebrate this inaugural step, we gift you the special Red Alert weapon – a symbol of your fierce dedication and a token of our appreciation.

 Wield your reward with pride, for as a Lieutenant, you're armed with the promise of grander adventures ahead. The path of loyalty starts here, and it's nothing short of legendary.

Silver Tier


20 000 Points

PTV Buggy


Ascend to the rank of Captain, a milestone that salutes your unwavering commitment and dedication.

As a Captain, you not only embrace the enhanced privileges that come with growth in our loyalty program, but you also steer your journey with the sleek and dynamic PTV Buggy — an exclusive reward that sets you apart.

his rank isn't just an acknowledgment, it's an exhilarating ride ahead. As Captain, you lead with distinction, basking in experiences that are as unique as the PTV Buggy at your fingertips.

Gold Tier


50 000 Points

Drake Vulture


Rise to the rank of Major, where dedication meets unparalleled prestige.

Here, your journey with us is celebrated not just in words but with the formidable Drake Vulture salvage ship. As a Major, you don't just earn rewards; you command them. The skies beckon, and the horizon is yours to explore. 

Your loyalty and passion have equipped you with wings of distinction—the Drake Vulture. This isn't just a reward; it's a testament to your journey, your commitment, and your ascent in our loyalty ranks.

Platinum Tier


100 000 Points

Hercules C2


Elevate to the rank of Colonel, where commitment is recognized and valor is rewarded. At this prestigious tier, you don't just belong; you lead. 

And as a testament to your unwavering dedication, we present to you the Hercules C2, an emblem of your elevated stature and our gratitude. With the Colonel rank, you're not just reaping rewards, but commanding respect and embracing a legacy. 

Cherish the Hercules C2 and let it symbolize your journey of loyalty and distinction. The pinnacle awaits, and as a Colonel, you're destined to soar.

Black Tier


200 000 Points

RSI Polaris


Ascend to the rank of General, the zenith of commitment, where legends are forged and legacies are celebrated. Here, in the esteemed echelons of the elite, you stand unparalleled and unmatched. 

As a testament to your majestic journey, the RSI Polaris is conferred upon you - a beacon of your achievements and our deep-seated gratitude. With the rank of General, you command more than respect; you inspire awe. 

The RSI Polaris isn't just a reward, it's a reflection of your journey's grandeur and your indomitable spirit. 

Diamond Tier

Supreme Commander

300 000 Points

890 Jump

Supreme Commander

Reach the stars as the Supreme Commander, the ultimate testament to unwavering dedication and unparalleled commitment. This isn't merely a rank; it's a coronation, a celebration of your ascension to the very zenith of loyalty. 

With the distinction of Supreme Commander comes the unparalleled luxury of the Origin 890 Jump, an exclusive vessel befitting your eminent status. The Origin 890 Jump is not just a reward; it's a symbol of the journey you've championed, the challenges you've surmounted, and the horizons you've redefined. 

 Stand tall, Supreme Commander. For you are the beacon of loyalty, the epitome of excellence, and the embodiment of our heartfelt gratitude. At this summit, the universe doesn't just recognize you; it reveres you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn loyalty points?

Each dollar spent gives you 10 loyalty points. 
Additionally you can earn points through special actions that will be visible in the loyalty program app.

Does this system works retroactively?

Yes, we've made sure that all of our customers have their tier rewards added retroactively.

How can I redeem the rewards

Simply click the little gift icon in the left bottom corner which opens our brand new loyalty program menu where you can redeem your rewards and check your current tier / points.

The rewards have to be added to the cart and the discount will auto-apply at the end of the checkout. In case of any issues please contact us at