Sell your Star Citizen account

Star Citizen Refund methods

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn in which you might need some funds or simply won't be able to play Star Citizen anymore and want to get your money back. We understand that, therefore we offer the players an option to sell their Star Citizen account. 

If you are a new player and backed within the last 30 days, we recommend to contact RSI directly and ask them to give you a full refund for the Star Citizen items you've purchased.

We offer a refund service that extends indefinitely and has no restrictions to the amount you've pledged or the type of the items you own - no matter if you purchased only the basic Aurora starter, or pledged thousands of dollars, we will help you and provide a fast, secure and hassle free account sale process.

Sale process

In order to evaluate your account we will require a list of your items in the exact format shown below. We kindly ask you to provide that file in a .xls format or as an online Google sheet document.

Item Name  Insurance Can the item be gifted? (Yes/No) Melt value


  • Item Name - simply the name of the item you have in your hangar, like "Standalone Ship - Aurora ES", or "Gladius to Cutlass Black Upgrade"
  • Insurance - the type of insurance that is attached to the item, in case there is no insurance, please simply leave it blank, if there is more than one insurance, use the highest one.
  • Can the item be gifted? - if the item has a gift button next to it, that means that it can be gifted. In order to check it, you need to unfold the item details and see if there is a "gift" button next to the "exchange" button. If there is one, that means that the item is giftable.
  • Melt value - to check it please click the "exchange" button visible next to the item, if there is no "exchange" button that means that the melt value is 0. Once you click that button, you will see a popup in which you can see the exact melt value of the item.

Once your document is ready, please send it to In the title of your email, please include "Account sale" as well as your Star Citizen handle. Example would be "Account sale - CitizenJoe" - this way we will be able to find and answer your email quickly. 

We will try to reply to your email within 24h, with a full offer and further instructions. Our Star Citizen account purchase process is simple and secure, and the money is sent instantly to your PayPal account.

We understand how important it is to get the funds quickly, especially in case of an emergency, that's why Star Citizen refund requests are handled with utmost priority. 

In case of any additional questions about the refund process or general Star Citizen inquiries, feel free to contact us by clicking the button below.