Special Luminalia Giveaway

Celebrate Luminalia with us!

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Giveaway Ended!

We are doing something new this year! For the next 12 days, each day there is a 1 winning number between 1-100. The first person that guesses the correct number wins a prize! 

In order to enter you need to:

1. Retweet and like our giveaway post
2. Follow us on on Twitter (X)
3. Reply to the giveaway post in this exact format

"My day ___ guess for The Impound giveaway is number ____"

Please note that you can only guess once per day! Posting multiple numbers each day will make you disqualified.

Daily winners and prizes will be announced below. 
If noone guesses the correct number, the item is added to the prize pool for the rest of the contest!

On top of that for each order placed during that time (20th - 31st of December) that contains either a ship, vehicle or exceeds 100$ we will send you a mystery flair item! (Those will be sent separately in batches every few days)

Don't hesitate, join our giveaway today!



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Giveaway FAQ

How much time do I have per day

New number is announced every day at 4pm UTC so you have 24h each day to post your guesses 

When is the last day of the giveaway

The giveaway ends on the 31st of December

Can the numbers repeat?

No, if the number is guessed correctly, it will be removed from the number pool and marked red on the graphic above. 

Can I win multiple prizes?

Yes you can win multiple items if you are lucky enough.

What are the prizes?

Item vary from hangar decorations, armor sets, weapons all the way to ships and vehicles

How will I know If I won?

We will post the winners on this page as well as contact them on Twitter