Our Partners
The companies, creators and organizations 
that we recommend and trust.
CCU Game App
We've partnered with CCU Game creator Rischwa to support his amazing CCU Game tool. This tool allows you to plan and create the fleet of your dreams for less. It helped hundreds of players build ships faster, for less.
Gร˜DFIRE is a gaming organization built to ignite the fire in every gamer. We created this community to be without boundaries. An organization that is authentic and inspired by its community. To start from nothing, and rise to the top, on our terms.
Predator Mounts
Predator Mounts fabricate mounting solutions for flight sticks, throttles, and other simulation hardware. Their mounts let you connect your devices to your desk or table in a suitable, ergonomic location that is much more realistic of genuine cockpits. Use link below to get 5% off.
Victor Hermez
Victor is a virtual photographer, mostly interested in portraits, ships, and landscapes. His art is stunning and we highly recommend to check out his outstanding portfolio.  He is also an active community member and co-creator of INVFED organization.
Enderprize is a touring musician that became a streamer. He not only streams Star Citizen but also organizes charity streams. We partnered with him in the past to collect money for twloha.com charity
An organization co-created by one of our community members and an amazing screenshot artist,  Victor_Hermez. We constantly get inspired by his artwork and we can see that his pursuit of prefection fuels INVFED organization, making it a truly fan community to be part of.