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Aurora LN is a spacecraft that is part of the Aurora line of spacecraft manufactured by Roberts Space Industries (RSI), a fictional company in the video game Star Citizen. The Aurora LN is a combat-oriented variant of the basic Aurora model, designed for military or security purposes. It is equipped with heavier armor and weapons than the standard Aurora model, making it a formidable opponent in space combat.

The Aurora LN features a sleek and streamlined design, with a distinct cockpit located at the front of the ship. The cockpit provides the pilot with excellent visibility and control over the ship, allowing for precise maneuvering and targeting during combat. The ship's main weapons are two size 2 Behring lasers, which are mounted on the wings of the spacecraft. These lasers are powerful enough to take down enemy ships quickly and efficiently.

The ship is powered by a TR2 engine, which provides sufficient speed and agility to evade enemy fire and pursue targets. The ship also features a basic shield system, which can absorb some damage during combat.

In terms of cargo capacity, the Aurora LN is limited, with space for only a small amount of cargo. However, this is a trade-off for the ship's combat capabilities, which make it ideal for military or security missions.

Overall, the Aurora LN is a well-rounded spacecraft that excels in combat situations, while still providing the pilot with decent speed and maneuverability. It is a popular choice among military and security organizations, as well as independent pilots who require a capable combat ship.

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