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The small and sleek flags make it an ideal accessory for a desk or ship. Featuring vibrant colors, this iconic symbol can be used both as hangar as well as cockpit decoration.

Here are the descriptions of each variant:

UEE Flag

Celebrate the United Empire of Earth (UEE) wherever you go by flying a holographic version of the flag. The small and sleek stands makes it an ideal accessory for a desk or ship. Featuring a vibrant blue color offset by white, this iconic symbol incorporated iconography from the previous UPE flag to represent the next phase of Humanity’s united government as it grew into a massive empire.

UPE Flag

This small metal stand flies a holographic flag of the United Planets of Earth (UPE). Designed in 2523 when Humanity replaced the United Nations of Earth (UNE) with a new political system better suited for its expanding governance over multiple systems. To symbolize this progression, the UPE flag kept the interlocking rings from the UNE flag while adding a circle with breaks to represent the continued desire to expand and laurel branches symbolizing the success of Humanity’s space exploration.

UNE Flag

Fly the flag of the first united Human government, the United Nations of Earth (UNE). First revealed in 2380, the inaugural flag design features interlocking circles symbolizing Humanity’s three main populations centers (Earth, Mars, and Croshaw system) and six stars representing the ambition to continue expanding into space. This small metal stand flies a holographic version of the UNE flag, making it an ideal accessory for history buffs to place on their desk or aboard their ships.

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