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Concierge War-Trade Account ( Kraken Privateer / Redeemer / Polaris / Hammerhead )

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Prepare for unrivaled mastery over the stars with this exceptional Star Citizen account, curated specifically for those who demand the pinnacle of power, defense, and commerce. Embrace the essence of versatility with ships that are engineered for utmost efficiency, all complemented by Lifetime Insurance (LTI) ensuring your galactic assets are always secure.

Account concierge level: Grand Admiral

Included Vessels:

  1. LTI Drake Kraken Privateer - in hangar: More than just a ship, it's a floating marketplace. The Kraken Privateer, an upgrade from its predecessor, allows its owner to establish a roaming trade hub. With on-board shops and ample landing bays, it's not just about transporting cargo but selling it too, making it a magnet for traders.

  2. LTI Aegis Redeemer: Engineered for surgical precision in combat scenarios, the Aegis Redeemer stands as one of the premier gunships. Its advanced weapon systems and troop deployment capabilities make it a must-have for combat operations and boarding actions.

  3. LTI RSI Polaris: Command and control with the Polaris, a corvette-class capital ship. Fitted with a large torpedo bay and a capable hangar, this vessel is perfect for both offense and rapid response defense, offering unmatched fire support when it matters most.

  4. LTI Aegis Hammerhead: A formidable patrol ship, the Hammerhead's design centers around its robust turret defenses. This floating fortress is tailor-made to ward off fighter swarms, ensuring that your fleet remains unharmed in hostile territories.

Please note that this is an account sale, which means that you will receive a Star Citizen account with the items listed above. 

Delivery & Instructions

  • This is an account sale which means that the product you will receive is a separate Star Citizen account that contains the items described in the listing.
  • Once the payment has cleared, within 24 hours, you will receive the login information that will allow you to access and secure the account.
  • Please ensure to change your email, password, and 2-factor authenticator after securing the account



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