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Aegis Wrecking Crew Pack VIP Early Bird - LTI

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Rally this intimidating collection of Aegis Dynamics ships into your own self-sufficient strike squad. With each ship’s specializations complimenting the others, your crew can rip, strip and dip in formidable harmony. The Avenger Warlock and the Eclipse engage and incapacitate enemy vessels swiftly and stealthily, with the Reclaimer and Titan swooping in after the smoke clears to efficiently strip and carry valuable resources. The trusty Vulcan lends support to the entire cadre, keeping the ships flying and the cargo safe.

This pack is a rare VIP Early Bird version and contains rare Vulcan skins as well as UWC Service uniform.

Original Concept explanation

Original concept items are versions of ships and vehicles that come from the first sale (concept sale) of that particular item and contain Life Time Insurance (LTI) and if melted, can be bought back in the original form as they are not upgraded in any way or form. Those are usually the rarest and most sought after items. 

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